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Some years ago, I was looking around for a PIC programmer, something simple, but versatile. I was lucky enough to find a simple serial programmer based on the popular jdm pic programmer.
The jdm programmer is a very simple little pic programmer that uses just a couple of diodes, capacitors and a couple of BC5479 transistors to interface the serial port while powering the pic from the same port.
JDM Pic Programmer Schematic
Original PIPO Programmer
The PIPO version ads a series of female pin headers that enables the user to plug different types of PIC chips and EEPROMs.
This programmer can be used to program PICs ranging from the tiny 8 lead (12xxx series), to the 14 lead, the ever popular 18 lead (16F84, 16F628, etc.), 28 lead packages(18f2550, 18f2455) up to the bigger 40 lead pics like the 18f4550 (See the full list of supported PICs below).
The original pipo programmer was conceived to build it on a simple 5x10cm perfboard (that's about 2x4 inches for my friends in the US).
PIPO Placement Diagram
While perfboards are great for simple prototypes and one-offs, I was looking forward to make something more permanent and studry, so I re-designed the circuit using Proteus to make a proper PCB. While I was at it I added a 6 pin header that gives the programmer an In Circuit Serial Programming connector or ICSP. This kind of connector is very useful to program surface mount type PICs, because you just need to add a matching connector in your board, solder the surface mount package to that board and then you can program the IC through the ICSP header. In addition my mod includes a power on led that shows if the circuit is getting power from the serial port.
Here's the schematic, some pictures of the assembled board and the PCB images.

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